The workshops are based on culinary improvisation and are the key to My Cooking Therapy.
This culinary improvisation will lead to exchanges on the creative process and will bring out your experience.
The workshop also includes sensory and playful situations that will help you to let go.
The tasting of your creation to help you close the session will be done in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Group Workshops

Group of 4 people maximum, this workshop will allow you to address a common theme to the group, interact with others but also do a
work on yourself.

Duration of the workshop:
Workshop of 2 to 3 people: Session of 1h30 or Session of 3 hours
Workshop of 4 people: Session of 3 hours 

Price: Consult me

Individual Workshops

This private workshop will allow you to work on a well-defined problem for you,
your needs, and your objectives.

Workshop duration:
1h30 session or 3 h session.

Price: Consult me